Friday, March 6, 2015

Studio Update #4

OK. Quick update before I really dive into the days' work. I've noticed that if we set the agenda things roll a little more smoothly. Doesn't matter when it happens but deciding what to do next seems to be the most important factor in allowing ourselves to dive into the work. Today Jim is teaching me how to revise boards based on other artists work. I also nailed down some shorthand tips for drawing the characters in boards.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Studio Update #3

Hey there. Sorry that updates are still sporadic. I have to commit to this thing better. Believe me I'm trying! I went up to the Drawing Academy last week. I got to hang out with Stephen for a little while and pick his brain about getting organized and being more productive. Hopefully some of his insight will rub off as we go forward.

We got out of Internet timeout last week or maybe even the week before that, ugh! I setup the YouTube channel but I haven't recorded any content for that yet. Hopefully next week. I have been doing lots of other recordings so maybe they'll turn up sometime.

Last night Jim and I finalized the first BG design. It's going to be the opening shot of the short. It may need one more pass but it's pretty nailed down. We have a lot done story-wise. Been spending a lot of time figuring out the poses and acting. We're right at the climax.

Today's been another heavy scan day. Jim keeps bringing in all of these boxes of amazing art so I'm trying as best I can to preserve it digitally for him. I wonder if any of this stuff will see the light of day?